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We're happy to introduce Audio Memoryan educational app for Android Market. This app will help you to improve your memory and concentration in a fun way! A Free Memory Android Market App.

Link to: Audio Memory Master application

                or the free version:

Audio memory is a very interesting app to help you develop your concentration and sense of hearing. The modern world offers many visual inputs, but we very easily loose our concentration while listening to other people. Therefore we have developed this memory in order to offer you a possibility to improve your acoustic memory.  A Free Memory Android Market App.

Everybody can play this audio memory and enjoy the fast improvements.

How to play:
Initially you see all cards turned face down. Tap on one of the cards and remember the audio that you hear. The card doesn’t turn in order to not activate your visual memory, but only the oral memory. With the next tap try to find and flip the card with the same sound as a previous one. If the sound is the same on both cards, they will stay opened and you can continue with the next pair. Otherwise both cards will flip back and you will get another try. Try to find all matching sound pairs with as few clicks and short time as possible.

The free version includes a training unit and the test unit itself. The training unit lets you explore the app as long as you want to. The test unit consists of three different levels (Sprinting, Middle Distance and Marathon).  A Free Memory Android Market App.

Here you can check your time after playing (High Scores).

There is also the possibility to buy the full version (Be a MASTER) with additional games, all of them with several different levels.  A Free Memory Android Market App.

The musician: allows you to improve your hearing playing with music notes. You can choose between various difficulties, see below.  A Free Memory Android Market App.

I miss you: Our audio player is very absent-minded. He plays audios but always forgets something. Try to help him and guess which one is missing.

I was there: Audios are played, but nobody’s paying attention. Sorry, somebody was there paying attention. Who?

Follow me: Can you follow me and repeat exactly what I played? You’re great!

Welcome or not: And now the playlist has been lost, what a day! Please, could you help them to remember whether audios were "welcome" or not.

If you prefer to play memory without the sound turned on, this is also possible. If your sound is turned off when starting the app, you will automatically be asked if you prefer to play a visual memory.

We would appreciate if you leave us a comment below to tell us how you find the app. Help us to improve the app!

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